Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Can You Bistro My Burger? by Morgan

When Jessie was in college she took a semester in Paris.  Like always her good grades and determination paid off.  In the mean time I was a pink haired sophomore in Vermont whose bad grades were not paying off.  In an effort to get my head in the books our father promised that if I could make the honor roll he would send me to Paris to see her.  I am easily bribed.  Three months later along with our crazy grandma V and cousin Jamers I was on a plane to France.  The trip was amazing, and the food....unlike anything I had ever had before.  Close to the end of our stay I was actually craving some American cuisine- looking back I am ashamed.  At a cafe on cobblestone streets I ordered a burger and my mouth watered for a familiar taste.  When my burger came out it had a fried egg on top of it.  My home sick stomach churned.
So my wonderful over achieving sister, my challenge for you in the last month of summer is to bistro my burger.  Can you give me a recipe for a burger that is a bit more exciting than ground beef and American cheese?  Can you french it up-without topping it with an egg?
Mamma Mia!